10 Things We Neglect To Clean That We Really Should

10 Things We Don’t Clean But We Really Should.
You hoover. You dust. You disinfect. But are you really getting rid of all those dust mites and pesky germs? Here’s our list of ten areas you should be cleaning but you’re not (did you know that with 10 years of use your mattress can double in weight because of all the dust mites it’s collected?):
1. Light bulbs. When is the last time you dusted a light bulb? But we bet you didn’t know that dusting a lightbulb makes the room 20 per cent brighter, ensuring you switch on less lights and save energy and live in a cleaner space.
2. Underside of furniture. Dust bunnies, crumbs and toys are probably all hidden underneath your sofa, it’s so easy to vacuum around furniture but remember to lift it up and vacuum under too!
3. Fridge. Did you know that in a recent study, most fridges tested positive for e-coli? We would advise to empty and disinfect fridges once a week.
4. Mattress. Once a quarter mattresses should be cleaned and turned over. To clean do the following: vacuum, sprinkle with baking soda and rub in, sprinkle with a nice smelling essential oil (lavender oil is great for relaxing) and vacuum again. Then flip over and repeat.
5. Phone receiver. This is one of the most handled items in the household and hardly cleaned. Use disinfectant wipes to clean.
6. Door knobs. Just like phone receivers, door knobs are constantly handled yet rarely cleaned. Disinfectant wipes will do the trick easily.
7. Shower curtains. These will collect mildew and germs due to the warmth and damp. Every so often (monthly) pop them in the washing machine with towels to scrub away the mildew.
8. Debit cards. Disinfectant wipes are great at getting rid of all the germs which accumulate due to constant handling.
9. House plants. When’s the last time you dusted a plant? Like any household item they accumulate dust mites and need to be cleaned regularly.
10. Hairbrushes. Simply getting rid of hair is not enough here, they need to be soaked in shampoo and water once a month to get rid of all the germs that accumulate.