4 Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for Hotel Bedrooms

Amazing Aromas

Smells are very much linked to our emotions due to both of these being controlled by the same part of our brains and as such smells are so important when it comes to your guests’ enjoyment of their hotel room. After cleaning you can use a trusty air freshener. Admiral has a range of air fresheners here.

Care for Carpets

It takes one walk across a carpet in outdoor footwear with a little bit of dirt or perhaps just the tiniest bit of makeup smudging to create a totally unsightly stain on an otherwise beautiful carpet. Be sure clear away these stains with a good carpet cleaner like this one, which is great for use in extraction machines and includes soiling removing agents, de-foamers, anti-re-deposition agents and deodorants and removes grease, oil and general grime from all types of carpets.

Pay Attention to High Touch Items

Areas like door knobs, light switches, remote control and bathroom taps are touched numerous times by a single guest during a single visit; therefore it is imperative these areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily, if not before the arrival of a new guest. Admiral’s disinfectant wipes are effective against a whole host of bacteria, including E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA and H1N1 and super easy to use.

See to Soft Surfaces

Yes, bed linen is changed between guests but other soft items such as curtains, cushions, pillows and shower curtains also collect germs and should not be left without being disinfected. Generally these items are deep cleaned on a quarterly basis but in between this they still harbour many germs which left un-killed can be dangerous to guests, products such as virucidal disinfectant are effective against non enveloped viruses, further details can be found here.

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