5 Luxury Bathroom Supplies Your Guests Will Love Your Hotel For

5 Luxury Bathroom Supplies Your Guests Will Love Your Hotel For

Certain things are a given for a hotel guest. Before they even get to your hotel, they will have certain expectations – for example amenities like shampoos and soaps are to be expected. But the expected doesn’t cause a guest to fall in love; this comes from giving them exactly what they want without them expecting it at all. Here are five things you should stock your hotel rooms with, ready for your guests’ arrival…

ONE Shampoo. Yes, shampoos are a given, but luxury shampoos are not. This Geneva Guild shampoo contains cornflower and aloe flower extract – the cornflower strengthens the hair and soothes dry scalps, while the aloe moisturises and leaves hair shiny. The luxury packaging will look perfectly in place in beautiful bathrooms.

TWO Conditioner. This is something we find that guests value and appreciate but not all hotels provide. This Geneva Guild conditioner looks perfect next to its luxury shampoo and is enriched with camomile, leaving the user’s hair soft and shiny, and smelling incredible. Trust us, your guests will remember you for being considerate enough to provide conditioner when so many others don’t.

THREE Body Lotion. Again, while this is not a necessity like shampoos and soaps, guests will very much appreciate the extra care you show them by providing them with body lotion. This amazing body cream smells amazing and is enriched with vitamin E, leaving skin smooth and moisturised. Your guests will feel very special using this luxury product.

FOUR Bath Cream. This is amongst our most favourite luxury hotel supplies – soap is expected by your guests but this bath cream will be so appreciated. The beautiful colour and packaging would look fantastic in your lovely bathroom or stylish spa and the user will find its ginseng properties make for a relaxing bath. This is exactly the type of guest amenity that really lets guests know you care about their comfort and stay with you.

FIVE Welcome tray. So, now you have your luxury supplies for your guests to indulge in during their stay at your gorgeous hotel, but there is one thing remaining, presentation. This bamboo tray is perfect for the most eautiful presentation of products in the prettiest of bathrooms.

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