All You Need to Know About Cleaning a Restaurant

All You Need to Know About Cleaning a Restaurant


Cleanliness in a restaurant is something that isn’t noted by most diners, you can be certain though, that uncleanliness most definitely will be noted. When patrons are enjoying a delicious meal with you, the last thing you want them to notice is the tiniest bit of dirt.  What’s more, an unhygienic environment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, whereas a clean environment will give the (correct) impression that all parts of the restaurant are germ-free, setting your guests’ minds at rest.

Here are five tips on keeping a restaurant clean at all times.

1. Thoroughly clean and sanitise all areas that a guest could possibly come into contact with. That means door knobs, chairs and table tops. These should all be cleaned with cloths that are completely clean and have not been used in other areas of the restaurant (like the bathroom or kitchen).

2. Ensure all cutlery, crockery and glassware is sparkling clean. There is nothing worse than spotting even the tiniest bit of dirtiness on anything your food or drink will come into contact with.

3. Keep floors clean. Be sure to regularly mop and sweep entrances and exits to clean up any dirt that may be brought in by patrons. Also keep the floors under tables and chair super-clean at all times. Any carpeted area of high footfall should be cleaned thoroughly once a fortnight with a good carpet cleaner like this one, which is great for use in extraction machines and includes soiling removing agents, de-foamers, anti-re-deposition agents and deodorants and removes grease, oil and general grime from all types of carpets

4. Toilets in restaurants should also be kept clean at all times The cleanliness of all areas contributes to the guests’ overall impression of their dining experience. We have some great tips here.

5. Make use of chlorine-based products. A study by scientists at the University of North Carolina looked at the effectiveness of different cleaning ingredients and tests confirmed that chlorine-based sanitisers kill more than 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella. This sanitising powder is great at using on surfaces over-night. More on why this product is so fantastic HERE.