Choosing Your Restaurant's Tableware

Choosing Your Restaurant’s Tableware

In this blog we look at different trends in tableware for restaurants, there are so many beautiful designs and we will help you decide which ones are right for your hospitality business.

Tableware is such an essential part of a guest’s dining experience with you – along with the food and service, it is one of the things that make their experience at your dining establishment memorable, what’s more the right tableware makes your delicious food shine even more.

In this blog we will focus specifically on plates, here are some of your options:


Porcelain Round Plate

This classic plate style remains classic for a reason – white provides a blank canvas on which chefs can present the food gorgeously and the white ensures the focus is completely on the food. These beautiful porcelain plates are so timeless and also durable – making them perfect for use in restaurants.


Porcelain Square Plates

These provide the timeless elegance of white plates but with an interesting twist due to the shape – they are perfect for presenting a range of dishes. Again the white provides a blank canvas for the food to command all of the attention.


Royal Bone China Verona Triangular Plates

Recently there has been a trend for interesting and ‘quirky’ shaped plates, a triangular plate certainly ticks those boxes and provides a very contemporary shape. This beautiful white plateby Royal Bone China is perfect.


Basalt Square Plates

One strong trend is the use of natural materials – slate and basalt amongst them. This plate is inspired by the roughness and texture of natural slate, but made from 100% culinary-grade porcelain paste. Unlike natural slate, Basalt does not chip or scratch and it is non-porous – meaning it doesn't bacteria, making this a wonderful choice in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Next week we will be bringing you our tips on choosing the right tableware for your establishment so stay tuned. And if you have any questions you would like us to address tweeting us on @CleaningAdmiral or leaving us a message on our Facebook page.