Cleaning Secrets From Hotels

5 Cleaning Secrets from Hotels

This week we bring you cleaning tricks from the hospitality sector to make your home-cleaning so much easier.

  1. Clean the bathrooms last. The logic behind this? Bathrooms have a higher number of bacteria than bedrooms and therefore if you start in the bedroom and finish in the bathroom there’s less risk of bacteria transfer. Also make sure we use colour coded cloths when cleaning areas to also minimise bacteria being spread.
  2. A toothbrush comes in handy. Using a toothbrush to clean an entire room would be absolute madness but when it comes to getting into the nooks and crannies a toothbrush is your best friend. For example the little screws on a toilet are so easily scrubbed cleaned with a toothbrush.
  3. Allow products to work for you. When cleaning the bathroom, spray cleaning products on walls and the toilet and leave them to dissolve dirt and soap scum while you clean everywhere else. When you go back and clean the walls and toilet you’ll require much less elbow grease. 
  4. Look after your appliances. Cleaning your vacuum brushes on a monthly basis and will make vacuuming so much more efficient and irons need to be cleaned to ensure rust doesn’t build up over time.
  5. Don’t just clean surfaces. Dust mites gather everywhere, so sofas need to be vacuumed and light bulbs need to be dusted. Vacuuming sofas will ensure you get rid of the dirt particles that would otherwise break down fabric and dusting your lightbulbs will make the room 20 per cent brighter, ensuring you switch on less lights.