Five things to bear in mind when cleaning a hotel bed

Five things to bear in mind when cleaning a hotel bed

The bed is naturally one of the most important parts of a guest’s stay, comfort is so very important, as is absolute cleanliness. Here are 5 tips to bear in mind when it comes to cleaning a hotel bed.

Avoiding dust mites: Dust mites are one thing you do NOT want your hotel guests to be greeted with under any circumstances. The average mattress has two to three million dust mites, in the home this can be countered by changing all bedding once a week. In a hotel, you will change all the bedding between every guest but you also need to clean the mattress itself. The first step to take here is to use a good mattress protector to minimize the amount of dust mites settling into the mattress.

To clean the mattress, mix together baking soda and some essential oil (lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang are soothing and great for inducing sleep) and rub onto the mattress. Leave for an hour and then vacuum away all the baking soda. This will lift away a lot of the dust mites and freshen the mattress.

Flipping the mattress: This needs to be done every three months, to even the wear on the mattress. On average doing this doubles the lifespan of a mattress.

Cleaning pillows: Down-filled pillows can and should be washed every month in a hotel, as per the care instructions. Foam pillows can’t be machine-washed but you can minimise dust by vacuuming them. Some foam pillows can be hand washed (the care label will tell you more) but if you do this be very gentle as wet foam gets very heavy and tears easily.

Treat stains on sheets: When washing sheets, be sure to pre-treat stains for more effective cleaning (look for make-up stains in particular on pillowcases). This is a great pre-wash stain treatment

Structure of the bed: This is so easy to miss but so important. Be sure to dust all parts of the structure, these wipes are very handy for cleaning all nooks and crannies.