How To Choose Your Tableware

How To Choose Your Tableware

As anyone working in hospitality knows, design is such a huge part of a guest’s experience and while it is easy to focus on the big things like wallpaper and furniture, the seemingly ‘little’ things like crockery and cutlery contribute so heavily to this experience too. Here we bring you a few pointers on picking the perfect tableware for your restaurant.

  1. Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create at your establishment. You cannot go wrong with classic white tableware, beautiful glassware and gorgeous, polished silver cutlery. Here are a couple of other styles you may want to consider, depending on your customers and organisation:


Contemporary: Plates of different shapes, colours and finishes are wonderful for creating a contemporary feel; slate is particularly popular at the moment – this rectangle finish plate is a perfect example of contemporary and striking crockery.For something less dramatic, consider different shaped plates but in a white finish. For example this triangular white plate or these beautiful teardrop shaped plates.


Rustic: This essentially means your tableware will have a somewhat ‘homely’ and relaxed look to it. Think lemonades served in tankard jars, crockery in beautiful earthly finishes like these dishes in a terracotta finish or this bowl. Touches like this glass or this tankard jar are great for serving drinks with a rustic feel, especially in the summer months.


  1. Don’t mix qualities. It can be so tempting to use up a huge chunk of your budget on one item you fall in love with and then have to scrimp on the quality of your other items of tableware – this is a huge no-no. Customers will notice poor quality items and no matter how great the items you’ve splurged on maybe, it will not make up for lack of quality elsewhere. When buying tableware maintain a certain level of quality all around and then if you have an excess of budget then think of buying more expensive items if you wish. At Admiral we have  great range of items at various prices points, but all maintaining protocols of great quality, have a look at our full range of crockery here.


  1. Maximise your budget by buying classic tableware that you can replace every few years and use other items like glassware, napkins and vases on the table to change the mood more often. Whites are and will remain a classic choice, if you make the basis of your tableware (plates, bowls and serving dishes) good quality and white, you can buy more creative items to complement – literally anything will go with white.