How to make your hotel reception more welcoming

How to Make Your Hotel Reception More Welcoming

It is often said ‘the first impression is the last impression’, and when it comes to the hospitality sector it is so often the case that the first impression a guest makes of the hotel is when he or she enters the reception, hence why it is so important that this is the very best of impressions.

Statistically the first impression is formed in seven seconds but made through a number of means, how the guest is greeted, the presentation of the greeter, even the guest’s previous interactions with the hotel through social media, email and telephone conversations. The presentation of the reception area of the hotel also plays a major part in the guest’s opinion of the hotel, being the first part of the hotel the guest will see. So, how do you make the reception as welcoming as possible?


The portion of the brain which controls smell is located in the limbic lobe, the middle part of the brain that also controls emotions, therefor it stands to reason that smells are undeniably linked to our emotions and one way to effect emotion is via smell. This is absolutely one of the factors hotels can use to form a fantastic initial impression with guests. Scents that smell clean are particularly great for welcoming guests; citrus scents especially are great for creating a perception of a clean and fresh environment. You can have a look at Admiral’s range of air fresheners here


The lighting in hotel receptions ideally needs to be soft and illuminating. A reception is one of the first and most prominent areas of a hotel where guests seek contact with staff members and the effect of too much bright lighting is that it can cast dark and obscuring shadows, which should be avoided. 

Clean Everywhere

It’s so easy to neglect cleaning in all the little crevices but it only takes one tiny spot of dust noticed by a guest to ruin their entire opinion of your hotel. It’s so important to have Standards of Procedures for your staff to work to, include things that might be overlooked like wiping the telephone receiver with a disinfectant wipe (like these ones), polishing all glass surfaces, cleaning lampshades and lightbulbs.

Polish door knobs

It’s so easy to overlook the seemingly little things but a doorknob with finger-marks or even a little bit of dust can ruin a guest’s first impression. If any part of a hotel is perceived as unclean in the least, it will impact upon a guest’s entire perception of your hotel during the entirety of their stay. Remember to wipe that door knob!


With a footfall of hundreds or thousands of people a week it is very easy for a carpet to look anything other than pristine. Clean carpets with a great carpet cleaner at least once a fortnight. This cleaner is great for use in extraction machines and includes soiling removing agents, defoamers, anti-re-deposition agents and deodorants and removes grease, oil and general grime from all types of carpets.

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