How To Take Care Of Your Chandeliers

How To Take Care Of Your Chandeliers 


Good lighting is so important in the hospitality sector because in addition to providing illumination for your guests it does so much more. Proper lighting can help you save energy (if used correctly), add to the décor and also create a positive ambience.


Whether your room is filled with chandeliers, lamps or spot lights, it’s important to ensure you keep up to date with your cleaning duties because increased dust on a bulb alone can reduce the amount of light emitted by around 30 per cent. Imagine this across multiple rooms and the bills will soon stack up, not to mention the complaints from customers who may spot clumps of dusts around.


Here are a few pointers on how to ensure your hotel’s chandeliers always look sparkling.

Chandeliers always look so stunning when they’re up, but to make sure they look sparkly and brand new all year round, regularly dust and polish the frame. Use a simple lamb’s wool duster, or even some standard cloth dusters to polish away any stubborn marks that may have formed. 


You should generally dust your chandelier once a week and look to polish the crystals every two to six months depending on the size and quantity. It can be slightly trickier to clean the crystals so if you can try and detach the chandelier from the ceiling and lay it on a cloth on top of a sturdy table. If the chandelier is too big you may need to clean the crystals while standing on a stepladder.


Crystals can generally be hand washed in soapy water and dried using a microfiber cloth. To handle with real care and ensure no finger marks are left on the crystals use some hand gloves. If you’re looking for an added shine then spritz each individual crystal with a special glass cleaner and wipe away clean one-by one.