Post Christmas Cleaning Tips

How to Nail the Post-Christmas Clean Up in 5 Steps

After the last present has been unwrapped, the last mince pie scoffed and the last of the turkey put into a sandwich, your mind may turn to cleaning up remnants of a beautiful Christmas – and Admiral is here with your trusty guide to cleaning-up post-Christmas.

Everyone can clean. Adults, teenagers and children alike can help in the cleaning up process. For younger children there are ways you can make it fun, play their favourite Christmas song and see if they can beat the song by completing a certain task before the song comes to an end.

Set baby goals and mini rewards. Write a checklist (unload dishwasher of all Christmas dishes, take out the rubbish, put away fairy lights), setting small goals makes cleaning up so much easier. You could also get people to put their initials next to each goal they accomplish and the one with the most initials on the list wins a prize.

Clean carpet stains ASAP. Stains on furniture and carpets are very common over Christmas, however the longer they are left the harder they become to remove. Use a good spot and stain remover such as this, to remove grease and oil, while leaving a fresh fragrance.

Don’t delay for cleaning for a year. When putting away ornaments, be sure to dust and polish before packing – don’t put away anything for a whole year without cleaning it first.

Give away. To make space for all the new toys, games, gadgets and clothes you and your family has received this Christmas, make sure each member of the family picks out old items to donate to charity.

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