Pre Christmas Cleaning Tips

Between buying Christmas presents, decoration, food shopping and attending endless Christmas parties it’s so easy to let cleaning slip down your to-do list until it’s so close to the big day that a full house clean seems just a tad un-achievable without some major stress. Here’s your guide to ensuring your pre-Christmas cleaning regime is perfect.

Before decorating, declutter. Go around each room and get rid of 10-20 items you don’t need right now. This will make it so much easier to dust, polish and generally keep everything looking sparkly clean.

Clean glassware. There’s almost nothing worse than going somewhere for dinner and finding dirty glasses, so don’t let that fate befall your guests. Potato skins are fantastic at getting rid of stains, simply use the underside of the peel to rub against the stain.

Clean silverware. The same goes for silverware as does for glassware. Except for silverware, banana skin works wonders. Use the underside of the peel to get rid of any stains and then polish away, or use a product such as Peek all metal polish.

Save sweeping, vacuuming and mopping until the end. Dust, polish, laundry, clean and everything in between, but ensure your last chores before Christmas day are sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. This will ensure minimum dust and crumbs and makes the house smell nice!

Clean utensils and oven day days before Christmas. There’ll be certain utensils that only see the light of day at Christmas, with these utensils, be sure to clean these ahead of Christmas do get rid of any dirt or dust that has accumulated over the course of the year. This cleaner is great for cleaning your oven pre-Christmas day.

Set the scent. Lastly, light some warm-scented candles to evoke a wintery mood, try scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and other warm spices.