Sonic Scrubber

New Product Launch

Sonic Scrubber is a brand new product that we launched late last month. It's designed at making cleaning easier and quicker, in some cases the Sonic Scrubber will save the user upto 57% which is shown in a study done by AICS.

The Sonic Scrubber has been chosen by Admiral as one of our promotional items at a reduced rate of £41.95. There's a multitude of attachments that are provided with each set that's purchased.


1 x Professional Tool

1 x Rechargeable Battery Pack

1 x Dual charger unit with lead

1 x Medium-size brush head attachment

1 x Large-size brush head attachment

3 x Medium-size bristle attachments (soft, medium, cone)

3 x Large-size bristle attachments (soft, medium, hard)

Scrubbing and buffing pads are also available to buy in packs of 4.

To buy your Sonic Scrubber please click here.