The Hotelier’s Guide to Cleaning Bathrooms: Part One

The Hotelier’s Guide to Cleaning Bathrooms: Part One

The typical guest’s entry into their room will hopefully begin with being impressed with the décor and cleanliness of the room they will be calling their home but at some point they will peer into the bathroom to inspect its cleanliness. When they look over your bathroom, here’s how to ensure they are nothing but satisfied and thoroughly impressed:

ONE Don’t let your guest find hair. One of the top gripes for hotel guests is finding hair in their room that is not their own and almost nowhere is this as unpleasant as in the bathroom. Excusing the pun, be sure to go over every nook and cranny in the bathroom with a fine-tooth comb to be sure there are no hairs to welcome your guest with. Dusting and wiping with a microfiber cloth, like this one, is great for removing the little bits of dirt (and stray hairs) that regular cloths don’t.

TWO Warm up surfaces. Cleaning products work better at killing bacteria on warmer surfaces, so before cleaning the bath and sink fill each up with hot tap water and leave it to warm the surfaces. After draining both use a good cleaner to far greater effect than on room-temperature surfaces.

THREE Let the products work. Even good products take a little time to work to their very best. After applying product to tiles, bath, sink and other surfaces give them a little time to do their job. Ten minutes is a great amount of time to allow the cleanser to break down, grime and bacteria.

FOUR Use an effective but gentle scrubbing pad, like this one, to clean away any stains without damaging the surface.

FIVE Rinse away the chemicals. This part is so important as the tiniest bit of chemical product left remaining will accumulate dirt, putting all the hard work to waste. 

We hope these tips have been useful, keep a look out on the blog next week for part two of our bathroom cleaning tips for hoteliers.