Top Tips on Maintaining Cleanliness in a Care Home

Top Tips on Maintaining Cleanliness in a Care Home

Did you know that in a recent survey, 97 per cent of people said that when it came to making a decision about a care home, the home’s cleanliness was a key differentiator?

Obviously upholding cleanliness is vital to health and wellbeing in any setting, but especially so in a care home where the presence of elderly and possibly frail individuals means they are particularly vulnerable to contracting infections.

With flu season now upon us, we have some tips to help care homes maintain optimum levels of cleanliness and provide residents with the very best experience.

Use hand sanitisers on contact. One of the most common ways germs are transferred are through hand to skin contact and using a hand sanitiser regularly and especially before contact with patients will go a long way to minimising transfer of germs. The trick is to go for a sanitiser that is unperfumed as elderly residents may be adverse to strong smells. We are able to offer one of the best and most well known sanitisers used throughout our industry.

Ensure laundry is disinfected. Cross contamination is such a common way for fungi, viruses and bacteria to be transferred, which is why when it comes to laundry, it is so important that germs are killed. You do need to use a good detergent so that still ensuring all germs are eradicated, Admiral’s detergents are fantastic and even fight MRSA bacteria. Take care when drying clothes too, as damp fabrics are a breeding ground for certain germs so use a good dryer and ensure laundry is thoroughly dry!

Clean all surfaces to remove germs. Areas like door knobs and phones can easily be overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but these areas are susceptible to carrying germs as much as any surface, especially as they are so often handled by such a range of people. Use a good cleaning and disinfecting product on these areas regularly – these disinfecting wipes are so easy to use and effective against a whole host of bacteria including E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA and H1N1

Disinfect surfaces even if they aren’t visibly dirty. It’s not dust and stains that should be your focus when cleaning – it should be every single surface before there’s a hint of dust. Germs aren’t visible to the naked eye, so the rule is every surface should be cleaned and disinfected.

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