Complete Integral Service

Being a leading service provider, Admiral recognises the need to supply a total 'value for money' package to all of its clients - old and new. Through our unique Complete Integral Service, Admiral are able to deliver measurable and sustainable client benefits by facilitating:

• total flexibility
• improved communications
• original thinking
• ensuring maximum efficiency

Our simple five-step process provides you with the information and analysis you need to comply with hygiene standards whilst increasing efficiency.


Step 1 Initial Consultation

Together we will take a top-line look at the structure of your organisation, your locations, and their cleaning requirements. This step is designed to highlight the areas of your cleaning process that work efficiently, along with any areas you feel could be improved.




Step 2 Identification

With your permission, we will undertake an informal review with the people who are responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness on a day-to-day basis; including local managers, housekeepers, chefs, supervisors, and janitorial and cleaning staff. We will discuss the effectiveness of current cleaning products and procedures with your employees on-site.




Step 3 Plan

Using the information and data gathered from Stages 1 and 2; we will present a comprehensive report on our findings and identify key points for improvement. This will include areas of success that can be duplicated within your organisation, along with our product and service recommendations, a quality control assessment and a cost saving analysis.




Step 4 Implementation

We will help implement the recommendations you feel will benefit your organisation the most, ensuring a smooth transition for your employees.




Step 5 On-going Support

We will continue to support and monitor your progress and success using Key Performance Indicators - making sure you receive Admiral's Best Value service, now and in the future.

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